When Planning Your Next Event…

When planning your upcoming event or party, there are some vital elements to consider that will significantly impact your event’s agenda. Here are some items to consider with planning!!!

Duration  Duration

Setting a time interval to your event is one element; knowing when to bring in the  entertainment is crucial to fostering a successful affair. Think about when your audience will require entertainment and for how long.



Knowing your audience is crucial… target age group that you are entertaining; appropriateness of the entertainment; and how many people you are attempting to entertain. With more people, your event may require more time needed for entertainment performances.


Determining the best and most appropriate service for your event will help guide your planning. After you determine your audience and the number of people attending, we then select the entertainment service to create a memorable experience!



The size of your venue will impact the entertainment you select, including size, restrictive areas, entry control, sound and A/V equipment, etc. Also consider scenic picture areas (where hopefully your logo can be seen in all pictures taken).


How often your event occurs will affect your marketing, attendance and entertainment. With a birthday party – you will send out your invitations (marketing) and follow up with RSVP’s. With Town Festivals, the marketing campaign will be significantly longer and vast… Or, if you are producing ongoing weekly or monthly events, the invites/marketing will again change to reach your audience and grow the crowds with each event. Frequent events help establish habits with your target audience and assist in training your potential patrons to attend the happenings at your business.


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