About Our Team

Shawna Mulford

Face painting since the age of nine, Shawna is our veteran party painter, party ‘princess’, party planner and business manager. Combining her love of art with her expertise of event planning, she adds a novel dimension to Let’s Party Painters. Shawna recently earned her MA in School Psychology and will continue her education in the field of Psychology. When she’s not face painting, studying or planning the next event, Shawna can be found surrounded by her family, including Rocco, the twins – Jackson & Taylor, and the newest addition to the family, Vivian Grace.


Virginia C. Mulford, “Ginny”

Ocean City native, acclaimed art teacher and community icon, Ginny is the founder of Let’s Party Painters. Having taught art for more than 35 years at Ocean City High School, she has served as the trainer and mentor to all Let’s Party Painters’ artists. Since retiring in 2010, Ginny enjoys time with her family, including four grandchildren and engaging in philanthropic and community service projects. Ginny has also begun private art projects and participated in various art shows and festivals all throughout South Jersey.


Connie Meyer

Cast Member Development Manager

Ever wonder why our cast members are so authentic in their portrayals? Connie spearheads our Cast Development, ensuring each person is trained and prepared for each and every event, from costume to dialect, spot -on signature to song selection. In addition to character development, Connie also works on large production events and showcases for the company. Enrolled as a full-time student at Stockton University, Connie is studying psychology and women’s studies. In addition to her many skills and talents, Connie has been a marquee singing and stage actress for over 12 years.


Leonard “Bill” Mulford

Known best in South Jersey as “Bill the Butcher,” Bill has boasted a career in the art of butchery for more than 40 years. A small business owner himself, he is a hard working entrepreneur. When not working, Bill spends his recreational time both bowling and on the tennis court. He is the proud father to four children and four grandchildren.




Rocco Doran

A native of South Jersey, Rocco grew up at the Jersey Shore in Atlantic City. For the past 12 years, he has been employed at Bally Technologies and traveled internationally to places such as Italy and the Bahamas. A genuine family man, Rocco enjoys spending time with twins, Jackson & Taylor, and his new little blessing Vivian Grace.





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